Indonesia <One Belt, One Road> Project

Indonesia is the largest islands country in the world and the territory across Asia and Oceania. In recent years, Indonesia's economic development is good, while “One Belt, One Road” strategy has brought the new development opportunities for the relationship between China and Indonesia. Currently Xin Yang International Holding B.V. is organizing the delegation to Indonesia, especially in  energy, timber, real estate, environmental protection fields and so on, in order  to provide the services for Chinese enterprises or institutions. Meanwhile, according to the specific requirements of cooperation, Xin Yang International Holding B.V. will provide the appropriate quotation and project proposal for partners.



Copper Ore

is in high demand in China. Most of manufacturing or relevant companies are seeking for a Copper ore supplier. Xin Yang International B.V. has profound relationship with few Chinese buyers, who are mostly stable state-owned companies that are leading in the market. Obliging to this trend, Xin Yang International B.V. is currently seeking for a trustful copper ore supplier from all over the world. 

Dutch Flower Garden in China

We are glad to inform that Xin Yang International B.V. is appointed to be an exclusive communicative agent representing a city government of Chinese city, to lead and manage the communication and PR of constructing Flower Garden in China. The role model of this project is Keukenhof, the most renown Dutch flower garden. Xin Yan International's one of the role is to investigate and bring the most reliable Dutch companies into this project. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chinese Eco City

Backed up by the current natural pollution and economic development, China is highly interested in new-model city, such as Eco city. Several cities such as Tianjin, already finsihed constructing the Eco-friendly sector in the city to create international business environment with high eco-awareness. 

Supported by Tianjin city government, Xin Yang International B.V. would like to arrange Dutch companies or entrepreneurs to visit the Eco City in China to introduce attractive offers to open up their office in the city. For more information, please contact us.

Agricultural Technology

Recogning the current demand in China, Xin Yang International B.V. is planning to organize a Chinese delegation to visit the Netherlands to inspect the Dutch agricultural technology. Dutch agricultural companies are welcome to introduce their business to us to be introduced to our Chinese clients, whom are capable of providing large size project or order. 

Fabrics and Textiles

Xin Yang International is looking for a company which wishes to have a financial investor. Should you feel interested to have a reliable investor, please introduce your company to Xin Yang International B.V.


Furthermore, we have a Chinese textile and clothing supplier who manufacture textiles in wool and botanic. The Chinese company is capable to produce customized goods, with national proved high quality. As the company is positioned high in Chinese market, they wish to find customers in Europe for cooperation. Should you wish to have more information regarding the company, please do not hesitate to contact us.